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the studio

In the fall of 2016, following almost four years of sudden and unexpected widowhood, I married again.  My new husband, an artist himself, is a blessing beyond measure.  Together we decided to create a live/work studio from a mid-century cottage in a small rural town, far from the frenetic energy of the city.  Tucked inside our new digs I am never at a loss for something to create or a room to make-over.  Not one for slick, modern styles our place at the moment is best described as mid-century-ecclectic-messy.  And while I'm quite sure the 'messy' part will never be fully resolved, (we are artist's, remember?) the renovation is coming along and I'll be sharing it from time to time on the blog.  Open studio days will follow the renovation as I can't wait to connect with other creative types.... who just might enjoy exploring a rabbit hole or two.

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