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rabbit holes and bunny trails

Questioning who we are, where we come from and what the heck we are doing here has been with me all my life.  Maybe this is a deeper aspect of being a confirmed introvert.  We just don't care much for small talk and, unlike most, I never believed that there are some things we just can't know.  I have found that if I just keep looking, the answers eventually find me.

I started my journey of awareness and awakening long before movies like the matrix or the popular alt-media even existed let alone the internet.  Conspiracy theorists are a dime a dozen today, and many have a youtube channel, a self-published book (or yes...even a blog) out there spouting their rhetoric.  But every once in a while someone shares something that sends me down a deliciously curious rabbit hole that I just can't resist exploring...in order to undo the program it reinforces!  I have absolutely fallen deeply in love with awakening to more and more of the matrix itself....this virtual reality we call life.  This 'awakening' thing is how I escape it, so, this is where my curiosity as well as my creativity serves me these days.  And... I have found that these are interesting days indeed. 

Ya might not agree with or like the things I discover and share, but hey...this is my awakening, so ya don't have to.  Ya might think I'm crazy or a kook for the things I have come to realize about the 'reality' we live in. That's okay too.....I get why that is and I'm okay with it.  But if, like me, ya think the world we live in has gone mad and ya wanna understand why....ya just might enjoy exploring a few rabbit holes of your own....and move beyond them.

Bunny Trails

Bunny trails are said to take us off our primary path.  In my experience, as long as I didn't let them captivate me (take me captive), they actually awakened me to a greater degree. This actually expanded my primary path....which is awakening to the fullness of my being.  Investigating the bunny trails that cross my path has opened my awareness and awakened me to 'the matrix' or programmed 'reality' we call life.  This, along with my dedication to creative introspection for the purpose of spiritual expansion, is my work. Below I've listed just a few of the "bunny trails" I have explored.  In reality there are many more. They show up for me as breadcrumbs to awaken me further. The key to not getting captivated by those breadcrumbs that crossed my path was not making them anymore 'real' than the illusion or dream within this holographic projection/3rd dimensional thing we call reality.

  • Universal 'Laws'
  • Time Travel
  • The United States of America CORPORATION and Citizen Livestock
  • The Reincarnation Trap
  • The Inorganic Moon
  • The Georga Guidestones
  • The False Chronology - Our Fabricated History
  • The Educational system as Mind Control
  • The Chakra System/Program
  • The 'Savior' Program & The 'God' program
  • Synchronicity
  • Shadow Government and off-planet politics
  • Sacred Feminine/Masculine
  • Religions and their origin
  • Project Paperclip
  • Pedophelia, sex magic and sacrifice in high places; politics and religion
  • Numerology
  • New World Order Agenda
  • New Age RELIGION!
  • Nasa as a front for "Secret Space Programs"
  • MK Ultra
  • Mandela Effects and our Fluid Timeline
  • Mainstream and Alt-Media
  • Luciferian Occult in world Affairs/Leadership
  • Light Language
  • JFK/911/and other False Flags
  • Gnosticism & Christianity
  • ET's, Inner Earth and Interdimensional races
  • Energy work/ Reiki and the false light matrix
  • Eastern religions/philosophies
  • Duality Matrix
  • Duality & The False Light Construct
  • Dreamwork
  • Cultivating Intuition
  • Chemtrails
  • Channeling
  • Catholic/Jesuits
  • Cabal/Illuminati/Masons/Knights Templar
  • Ascension vs. Awakening
  • Archons/Archangels
  • A Course In Miracles

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