Welcome to the crossroads of curiosity and creativity, where the larger questions of life are pondered, explored and expressed in textile art, sculpture, painting and prose.

how i work

I have an inner circle. I first gave this gift to myself for my fortieth birthday by inviting four women who were each intimately engaged in their own introspective journey to join me in a type of sacred sisterhood.  We became a 'safe place' where our deepest desires and darkest secrets could be revealed and healed. I once heard it said that when someone wants truth as much as a drowning person wants breath, they are ready to begin such a journey.  This was our foundation.

It was the nineties and we became women who ran with the wolves, healed our inner child, embraced the goddess within, balanced our chakras and aligned our masculine/feminine energies.  For twenty years we took religion apart and questioned all things "holy". We studied Carl Jung, and shadow work became the focus of our sisterhood.   We learned to turn off the committee meetings in our respective heads, and tune solely into our own unique inner voice.  Along the way I became a licensed counselor, reiki master and professional artist until I gave all that up.... except for the art part! I tell this to emphasize the ground from which my work has sprung.  Today I consider myself a sovereign soul, grounded in myself, fully accepting who I am (warts and all), free from dogma and fully dedicated to the expansion of awareness and awakening from the duality matrix game of life through non-attachment.  I do this work using a process I have come to call creative introspection.

Creative Introspection - the process.

Focus is key.  Anytime I truly have a deep desire to understand something, I simply carry it with me.  In an asking/pondering kind of way, I curiously turn this over in my mind and heart and stay open to revelation.  

Creative energy is vital. I move daily into some sort of creative expression. This is my meditation, if you will.  The timeless expansion that enfolds me as I deeply engage the creative process acts as a portal or opening for aligning my intuitive awareness with my ordinary consciousness.

Education and research are essential.  As I work in the studio I listen to like-minded teachers and researchers.  When I'm not working I read...a lot!  I love investigating and researching on my own.  I have always loved mysteries, so exploring the rabbit holes I am drawn to investigate in order to awaken, is no different.  Be it something I want to understand about myself, or answers about a conspiracy I am called to pick apart, connecting the dots fascinates me.   

These three aspects provide a never ending loop that result in finding little trails of synchronistic breadcrumbs or a sudden shift in consciousness that inevitably hold the answers I seek.  Sometimes these answers end up reflected in pieces of artwork.  Other times my work, be it paintings, textile pieces or sculptures bears no resemblance at all to my discoveries.  These pieces are most precious to me because they represent the sacred portal they provided for the quests I engage.  This portal is a result of something called Direct Awareness.

Direct Awareness-
   the freedom from 'figuring things out'.

Direct Awareness is a state of being where there is no separation...no, picking things apart to figure things out.  It's where the little 'me', my personality self, instantly accesses the larger 'I' or the morphic field of is-ness.  Yeah... okay.... right?  Let me say that a little differently.  Direct Awareness is like a super-sized, super-extended ah-ha moment of complete understanding.  It comes as a full and complete lingering epiphany.  This is what happens when I move into creative energy along with those things I ponder and carry within me...those rabbit holes I love exploring.  Why? Because when we create, we typically narrow our focus to the moment at hand and let everything else go.  This is especially true once the skill set for the creative work I am doing is long established, and the little 'me' can move aside and let the work simply move through the larger I. This is when time flys, work flows, and those things I carry with me desiring to understand, reveal themselves within the field of direct awareness...in which I am immersed.

Creative types have an advantage for consciously accessing direct awareness because in the creative process itself they are fully present and 'one' with the inner and outer world.  Creative types that can move aside and allow the work at hand to 'speak' to them, telling them where it wants to go, access this direct awareness all the time.  Learning to incubate the things they want to understand be they personal or global, is the key to taking advantage of direct awareness.  As an introvert and self-admitted studio hermit, this is just how I work.

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