Welcome to the crossroads of curiosity and creativity, where the larger questions of life are pondered, explored and expressed in textile art, sculpture, painting and prose.


Curosity and Creativity; the corner of Ah and Ha!
            -the timeless and expansive nature of creative energy.

Ah-ha moments are something I fell in love with more than thirty years ago as a result of my two passions, curiosity and creativity, meeting head on. The desire to understand the deeper questions about life was always with me. Pondering things like who we are, where we come from and what life was all about always niggled at the back of my mind. The world certainly held no satisfying answers, and I never settled for the idea that there are some things ya just can't know. Therefore my curiosity about such things was beneath the surface of everything I explored or engaged.  And I mean everything!  As for creativity, well, that's just my wheelhouse.  For as long as I can remember, creative expression was at the heart of everything I loved.  That's how I inadvertently discovered the powerful avenue that creative energy can provide as a portal for answering these deeper questions of life....or anything for that matter!  If ya wanna understand something about your life, creativity is a powerful way to explore it.  But it isn't about what is created...the artwork or outcome.  It is about the timeless and expansive nature of creative energy itself, and stepping into it with the most sincere desire for understanding. This is the crossroads of curiosity and creativity that I share. 

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