Welcome to the crossroads of curiosity and creativity, where the larger questions of life are pondered, explored and expressed in textile art, sculpture, painting and prose.


Introspective Perspective

We live in a fluid experience, not a "linear reality".  Once one understands that, deep down in their bones, they can play in the experience, revel in it and truly enjoy it.  They are free from being shaped by it or victimized by it.  Until then they will just keep pointing 'out there' and complaining about what's wrong.  This is both a collective and individual truth.  I, for one, work on the individual level and then share what I find with the collective. I do both through my art and writing.  The collective can respond or not. Either way, I move toward an experience I prefer.  No one taught me this. I didn't find it in a book, a classroom or in some deep state of meditation.   I found it from not doing this and realizing that didn't work out so well.  So... more than three decades ago I stopped looking and pointing 'out' and started seriously looking and pointing 'in', then deeply exploring what I found there.  This is the way I do life...and I love it!  How do you do life?

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