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This New Blog and My New Name

Something Fishy: hand-painted, whole-cloth art quilt
If this piece looks familiar, that's because this image is used in the header from my original blog.  I always struggled with that blog because of my decision to share my artwork without sharing the fullness of the places my artwork sprang from. This rendered me a little schizophrenic each time I sat down to post.  My love for the role creative energy plays in my expansion experiences, the synchronicity and intuitive nudges that shape my life, and the rabbit holes that have awakened me have become more and more reflective in my artwork.....and I'd really love sharing more about how that unfolds!

As for my new name....  When I married last year I changed my last name to Harmon.  An amazing artist in his own right, My new husband, Mike has called me Storey since we met four years ago, so it felt really natural to go from Susan Storey to Storey Harmon.  I love the way this honors my late husband, Phil.  He brought so much to my life and supported my art career whole-heartedly.   Since that blog was under my previous name, and I have also changed my website url to storeyharmon.com, (which now includes Mike's amazing sculptures), a new blog seemed a good idea as well.  Add that to the fact that we are renovating a new live/work studio in a new town and well...welcome to my new life!