Welcome to the crossroads of curiosity and creativity, where the larger questions of life are pondered, explored and expressed in textile art, sculpture, painting and prose.


In Memoriam

This art quilt is titled In Memoriam
Though just recently quilted, this art quilt imagery was created the year following the loss of my father and my husband who passed away within a day of one another four years ago. Working on this piece was my way of expressing and processing the loss of the two most important men in my life.  The gray pallet that the woman figure is cast in frames the two colorful roses which represent the lives of these men that I so loved.  The sadness in the figures eyes reflects the simultaneous widowhood my mother and I found ourselves sharing.  


Creative energy is a great vehicle for processing deeply held thoughts and emotions.  I have always used creativity to explore and express my life.  It seemed only fitting to create a tribute piece to memorialize these beloved men.  This piece hangs in my studio and each time I see it I feel surrounded by the supportive and loving energy of my father, my late husband and my mother. 


Key To Awareness

Art quilt 30"x30" Key To Awareness
I decided to add a simple black border to this piece.  The previous post, Works In Progress, shares the inspiration for it and my thoughts on the subject of true awareness.....(balanced awakening at the level of heart, mind and will!).  I like the way this piece turned out and it was fun to mix fused collage work with drawing directly on the fabric. I also like the way the fractured, mosaic-like background (upper) dissolved into a less rigid and more organic free-floating background (lower).  This adds to the message that 'becoming aware' is a process that differs greatly from learning.  Anyway, I'm already back in the studio working on some new pieces and moving in a completely different direction inspired by Japanese Boro work.   We are off to Chicago soon and I wanted to take some hand work to do on the drive so I have put a few pieces together to stitch on. Just wanted to post this finished piece before we leave.   


Works In Progress

Key To Awareness. This work in progress will be an art-quilt speaking to awakening at the level of heart, mind and will for  achieving balanced awareness.

We are all works in progress. Because I use the creative process to explore my shifts in consciousness and express my own levels of awareness, I thought I'd post what's unfolding on my design wall right now.  This work in progress, once completed, will speak to true awareness, which arises from awakening at the levels of heart, mind and will!  I have learned that until one is awakened at all three levels, imbalance is demonstrated in a variety of ways. When these 'ways' show up in political arenas we call people bleeding heart liberals, fundamentalist conservatives, religious fanatics, headstrong rebels or strong willed activists.   Rather than moving in true awareness, individuals are often caught up and acting on this or that belief; a word which at it's etymological root means 'unknown'.  Once truly awake, wide awake, on all three levels awareness ensues and peace prevails....first within the individual, and thereby eventually in the collective. Harmony, cooperation and creativity in every arena abounds.  This is because through balanced awareness, the heart leads the mind which then formulates and carries out the thoughts and ideas that guide one's personal will (actions). Unless awakened at all three levels chaos leads the way...for the individual, and thereby the collective. As I look around the world today I see this imbalance reflected 'out there' and so I seek the source of it within me....and heal it there. This is the gift awareness brings.  It doesn't allow me to strike out at the reflection or believe it to be any more than a reflection. 

Awareness is huge! It is so much bigger than the knowing that comes from learning, assessing, thinking or believing. For decades I have shaped my spirituality around the practice of reaching for ever higher levels of awareness.  I turn over every rock I am guided to explore in order to undo a belief or shift a perspective. Uncommon, unpopular rocks, even rocks considered ridiculous are continuously crossing my path providing incredible insight. Through this practice I have come to realize that when I awaken from everything I think I know, I will only be at the beginning of complete awareness.  Fortunately the process itself deepens my peace and moves me into more and more love as it alters my personal experience of 'reality'.

We are all less than fully awake at one level or another.  It has never been more demonstrated than in our world today; a world desperately out of balance.  As I reach for my own balance,  art is my activism. This work in progress is the sign I metaphorically carry. It is not against anything...it is however for us all! 


Introspective Perspective

We live in a fluid experience, not a "linear reality".  Once one understands that, deep down in their bones, they can play in the experience, revel in it and truly enjoy it.  They are free from being shaped by it or victimized by it.  Until then they will just keep pointing 'out there' and complaining about what's wrong.  This is both a collective and individual truth.  I, for one, work on the individual level and then share what I find with the collective. I do both through my art and writing.  The collective can respond or not. Either way, I move toward an experience I prefer.  No one taught me this. I didn't find it in a book, a classroom or in some deep state of meditation.   I found it from not doing this and realizing that didn't work out so well.  So... more than three decades ago I stopped looking and pointing 'out' and started seriously looking and pointing 'in', then deeply exploring what I found there.  This is the way I do life...and I love it!  How do you do life?


This New Blog and My New Name

Something Fishy: hand-painted, whole-cloth art quilt
If this piece looks familiar, that's because this image is used in the header from my original blog.  I always struggled with that blog because of my decision to share my artwork without sharing the fullness of the places my artwork sprang from. This rendered me a little schizophrenic each time I sat down to post.  My love for the role creative energy plays in my expansion experiences, the synchronicity and intuitive nudges that shape my life, and the rabbit holes that have awakened me have become more and more reflective in my artwork.....and I'd really love sharing more about how that unfolds!

As for my new name....  When I married last year I changed my last name to Harmon.  An amazing artist in his own right, My new husband, Mike has called me Storey since we met four years ago, so it felt really natural to go from Susan Storey to Storey Harmon.  I love the way this honors my late husband, Phil.  He brought so much to my life and supported my art career whole-heartedly.   Since that blog was under my previous name, and I have also changed my website url to storeyharmon.com, (which now includes Mike's amazing sculptures), a new blog seemed a good idea as well.  Add that to the fact that we are renovating a new live/work studio in a new town and well...welcome to my new life!