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In Memoriam

This art quilt is titled In Memoriam
Though just recently quilted, this art quilt imagery was created the year following the loss of my father and my husband who passed away within a day of one another four years ago. Working on this piece was my way of expressing and processing the loss of the two most important men in my life.  The gray pallet that the woman figure is cast in frames the two colorful roses which represent the lives of these men that I so loved.  The sadness in the figures eyes reflects the simultaneous widowhood my mother and I found ourselves sharing.  


Creative energy is a great vehicle for processing deeply held thoughts and emotions.  I have always used creativity to explore and express my life.  It seemed only fitting to create a tribute piece to memorialize these beloved men.  This piece hangs in my studio and each time I see it I feel surrounded by the supportive and loving energy of my father, my late husband and my mother. 


Key To Awareness

Art quilt 30"x30" Key To Awareness
I decided to add a simple black border to this piece.  The previous post, Works In Progress, shares the inspiration for it and my thoughts on the subject of true awareness.....(balanced awakening at the level of heart, mind and will!).  I like the way this piece turned out and it was fun to mix fused collage work with drawing directly on the fabric. I also like the way the fractured, mosaic-like background (upper) dissolved into a less rigid and more organic free-floating background (lower).  This adds to the message that 'becoming aware' is a process that differs greatly from learning.  Anyway, I'm already back in the studio working on some new pieces and moving in a completely different direction inspired by Japanese Boro work.   We are off to Chicago soon and I wanted to take some hand work to do on the drive so I have put a few pieces together to stitch on. Just wanted to post this finished piece before we leave.